Passport Rewards

Passport Rewards

Using Your Passport Rewards Card

When you play at Western Village, your play and wagers from Slots and the Sports Book will be combined to provide you with the most value for your gaming dollar.

When playing slots, simply insert your Passport Rewards card into the card reader attached to the slot machine. A "Welcome" message will indicate that you are ready to play. For Sports Book, please present your Passport Rewards card to the dealer or writer prior to play.

Tier Points

Tier Points can be earned throughout the calendar year and are used to maintain and upgrade your Passport Rewards card tier.

Join the Club Together

Two members may link their individual Passport Rewards accounts and earn Tier Points faster via combined play from both members. Your combined Tier Point total will determine your Passport Rewards card tier.

Get Your Win / Loss Statement Online

You can download or print your Win / Loss statements by logging in with your account number and pin.