Comp Convenience

Comp Convenience

Use Your Comps at Western Village or Peppermill Reno

With Comp Convenience, you have the flexibility to use your comps at both Peppermill Reno or Western Village.

Now more than ever, it pays to play at the Peppermill family of resorts! With our Comp Convenience reward program you'll have the freedom to:

  • Earn comps that will automatically be added to your comp balance and will not expire as long as you play once in 13 months.
  • See, manage and use your comps at any convenient Comp Kiosks located at both properties.
  • Swipe your Passport Club card (with PIN) at any of Peppermill Reno's and Western Village's restaurants, boutiques, or other amenities to use your comps.

Start reaping the value and choices that Comp Convenience offers today!